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Nice Wingo Swing Gate Operators

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Built-in controls & receiver with Moonclever weatherproof enclosure MC424

Compatible with the full range of 433.92MHz remote controls from Nice

Patented layout of the internal components: fewer moving parts means greater reliability and quiet operation.

Reliable and safe:
With electronic clutch and safety antic rushing protection

Smooth operation:
Deceleration on opening and closing

Easy and quick installation:
External mounting with sturdy fixings

Nice key release:
Easy to operate and disengage for manual movement when there is a loss of mains power supply

Prolonged lifetime and silent operation:
Gears manufactured with metal and bronze alloy
Pedestrian mode:
Allows you to set up a limited opening width for your gate, ideal for pedestrian access.

DC motor:
DC motors deliver as much power as old-style AC motors, but with less noise and vibration. DC also offers features such as soft start/soft stop.

Soft Start / Soft Stop:
Ramping speed up and down at the start and end of each cycle reduces stress on the gate and opener for longer life, and makes for quieter operation.


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