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SecuriFire 2000

the benefits:

Lightning-fast detection of incipient fires
Modular and decentralised architecture
Up to 4 addressable loops (totalling 14,000 m) with up to 1,000 elements per system
Fully redundant software design for permanent availability
Simple planning and programming
Backward and forward compatible
Cost-efficient solutions
Complies with the highest safety standards
Interfaces to the outside and to superordinate systems
Compact design


SecuriFire 2000 – cool calculating intelligence to combat hot risks

The SecuriFire 2000 fire detection system uses the highest standard of technology to provide a comforting sense of safety and security. With its flexibility it adapts precisely to conditions on the ground.

Redundancy-based software design for maximum fail-safe reliability

SecuriFire 2000 provides medium-sized and large businesses with effective protection against serious risks: it detects fires already in their incipient stage, alarms the emergency services lightning-fast, and activates the fire-extinguishing systems. The system software is consistently designed on a redundancy basis. This unique principle ensures that the fire alarm system is capable of raising the alarm at all times and under all circumstances. The system constantly self-tests its functionality, signalling any faults immediately.


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