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SecuriFire 3000

The benefits:

lightning-fast detection of incipient fires
fully redundant hardware and software design
modular and decentralised architecture
up to 16 ring circuits with 3,500 elements per control unit
data interfaces to the outside and to higher level systems
simple planning, programming and operation
highest security standards


SecuriFire 3000 – Twice the design, twice as safe

Very few fire detection systems provide fire protection as reliably as SecuriFire 3000 does. Indeed, all its components – from the microprocessor to the operating system – are available twice.

Still running even after multiple faults

SecuriFire 3000’s consistently redundant design achieves what no other system does: if the active system fails, the secondary system takes over full operations – seamlessly. This guarantees maximum availability, and any incipient fire is detected in a flash – even if the fire detection system is damaged due to several breaks in its wiring.

Adapts to every requirement

SecuriFire 3000 is not only extremely reliable; it is also enormously versatile and therefore cost-effective. This is all down to its decentralised, modular architecture. It consists essentially of the control units, the SecuriLine eXtended ring circuits, and the signalling, alarming, display and control units. These modules are used in whatever number is needed for the size of the premises and its safety requirements. Several control units – up to 16 of them – are connected via the redundant SecuriFire LAN to create a powerful overall system. Up to 14 SecuriLines eXtended (with a total length of up to 3500 m) can be connected to each of these control units – each with a maximum of 250 devices (fire detectors, manual callpoints, input and output devices, etc.).


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